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Yoga chakra bracelet with natural beads - Carline Perulla

Yoga chakra bracelet with natural beads

  • £20.00

Yoga - a connection with spirituality through Asanas (Exercise, relaxation and correct breathing)

In Yoga it is believed that our body is governed by seven chakras. Each influencing an important organ.

The root chakra is the head which is denoted by the white crystal. The second one is the forehead where the third eye is located and denoted by the Amethyst, the Throat chakra by the Sodalite bead, the heart chakra with love,  Citrine for Solar plexus, Carnelian for Sacral and Black Lava beads for the Base chakra.

The focal bead is the Buddha who symbolizes peace and love.

The clasp is Sterling silver and the bracelet size is 7 inch long.






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