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Rudhraksha and silver bracelet

  • £15.00

Rudhraksam is a seed from a tree. In India, especially Tamilnadu (the southern state in India) all spiritual seekers and those who are on a pilgrimage tour will wear this.

When you visit temples in Tamil Nadu, you can see rows and rows of this mala sold in the stalls. 

I personally had a lovely experience of picking Rudraksha beads that had fallen from the tree. I was so happy because to see this tree that had so many of these seeds itself I considered as a blessing.

Raksham means protect; hence it is believed to protect the wearer from all dangers and negative energies.

In Tamilnadu men and women who are fasting to go on a pilgrimage, will be wearing this. Women wear it as a mala and men either wear it as a mala or a single bead tied to a thread around their neck.

The jewellery is made with lot of Bhakthi (devotion).

 This bracelet is interweaved with Sterling silver and the clasp is also Sterling.

The bead is Magnesite.

The jewellery is fragile. Please handle it with care.