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About Carline Perulla

I love the name Carline. I wanted a second name that represented my origin from India.

Perulla partly represents a Hindu God and He is the Protector of people.He is adorned with beautiful jewellery sometimes only with pearls, sometimes with expensive gemstones, gold, flowers etc.

When I visit the temple, I find it difficult to pray:) ( My eyes keep looking at his jewellery and their beauty)

For my personal use,  I always searched for unique designs. But in the market even in India, I could find only machine made casted ones. 

The ones that are bespoke are so expensive, that it is not even at the reach of me.

Many of my friends, relatives had the same thought. So I decided to make exclusive ones. Back in India, I made lots of jewellery in different mediums; silver, terracota, polymer clay etc.But once I worked with metals, I got hooked into it.

I love the way the metal changes for every treatment that we give. And there are so many processes to manipulate the metal. Love the way a simple blob or bar of silver transforming itself into beautiful jewellery.

We shifted to the U.K. but my passion could not be contained. I wanted to open a store here to sell the jewellery that I make. After many months of research I decided to start an online store here.

Carline Perulla was established in the UK to provide Bespoke handmade silver jewelry. 

I cannot think of making of a duplicate one, because I simply get bored doing the same thing again. Also when I make each piece, there is always something that inspires me to do it, a meaning in it. I spend so much time creating it, that I forget time, food, other work.

Some pieces that can be recreated will be on a different collection at our site.

Coming from a land of colours, its a sin if I dont incorporate them in my jewellery. In India you get many varieties of gemstones. Their colors, their many facets, their raw forms have left me in awe.

Can anyone outdo Mother Nature in her creations? 

All my jewellery are inspired from nature and traditions. From all parts of the world.

It is not for the money, but for the love and passion of creating something from the scratch and that too with my hands. After making a piece, I sit looking at it, admiring it for a long time. 

So when you buy from Carline Perulla, you can be sure that you will have a truly exclusive piece that was made with lots of love and passion.


Gemstones and beads

We have taken care to use only ethically mined and sourced natural gemstones, semi-precious and precious beads. In some of our jewellery 24 carat gold foil are used. Few jewelry will have cubic zirconia and we have stated that in the description.The mother of pearl beads are cultured and dyed pearls.

All the raw materials have been procured from Britain and the final product is also made in Great Britain.

We have taken maximum effort to ensure the authenticity of the information of materials used in the jewelry. Beyond that Carline Perulla Ltd is not responsible for errors in information.