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Why do Indians buy so much gold?

Posted by Kavitha Balakrishnan on

Gold/Silver and India are almost synonymous in my view. I never realized that we bought so much of gold and silver till I started blogging about it.

Sometimes you take things for granted. I did too.

When I started seeing gold and silver as an article for my blog, I was amazed at how much we used gold and silver in our everyday life.

For every function and festival gold and silver is used.

Silver in my native language is above all metals. So when we do pooja (a prayer to God) we use silver utensils to serve God.

The first main thing that I feel Indians buy is because we think of it as an investment.

Women like to have security. In terms of finance too. We believe since we cannot hold too much cash at home, we buy gold.

In fact, it is a common thing that you will see women flaunting their latest gold ornament, or silver to their friends, contacts.

Gold and silver has acted as a ready cash for most families in case of emergency.

The gold and silver is pledged when a family needs extra money for their children's education, medical expenses and other important needs.

So women never hesitate to buy gold or silver with whatever cash they save.

Lots of stories to follow......

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