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Multiple enamelling projects

Posted by Kavitha Balakrishnan on

Today I am ecstatic. All my enamelled projects turned out well and the way that I expected. Thank God for that. (ok, one was ruined :))  

I dont know about other jewellers, but I keep thinking of my design and colours ahead of actually working on it. Sometimes even months before!

I mentally keep working on the design, so what happens in the end, it turns out almost as I visualized.

But enamelled  jewellery are very tricky. There are so many ways to go wrong. 

Sometimes the enamel colours ball up, sometimes they crack, the colours dont turn out as you imagined! so many things. The one thing that I am very scared of is, opening the kiln and removing the jewellery. Because inside the kiln they are at 750 degrees centigrade temperature and when removed out, the temperature is very cold. So the glass starts crackling! 

It took almost seven years to learn to make enamel jewellery that was not crackling.

I love to become an enamellist. Because it is the most difficult technique in jewellery making.

Not only you need to make pieces that will look good after enamelling but also enamel it later.

Today many have started using the cold enamelling, which is just applying colour to your jewellery. But I believe in reviving olden traditional methods and techniques of making jewellery. They are authentic and the results are stunning!


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