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Enamelled pendant

Posted by Kavitha Balakrishnan on

 Chirpy bird and a sunrise


I love colors and I so I loved the concept of enameling on jewellery. But I never thought, that it would take so many years to become confident in it.

I have been practicing enamelling for seven years, and everytime it has been a lesson.

To do enamel, you also need to know a bit of silversmithing. So at first you have master silversmithing and then do decent silver pieces and then apply vitreous enamels on it.

I have never shied from trying anything, telling its difficult. But this is one I think it is.

Preparing the design in silver, choosing colours( each company's colour will differ after firing) enamelling, counter enamelling, then arranging the designs, firing again and again to get a depth of colors. Too much. It took around 4 hours only for the enamelling process for this small piece. For this you are also using a kiln that has got some 850 degrees firing temperature. Wearing the safety glasses, safety gloves, balancing a delicate piece on a fork, inserting the piece for firing, removing the piece, cooling, checking if the glass is broken, lumps of enamel, discoloration, and then again applying another coat. And then repeat the same process.

At the end, if you are lucky it will turn out the color that you expected.

Otherwise another ruined piece and another great lessons learned.

Only the love for colors on metals makes me do this again and again.

This is one piece that I did yesterday, A chirpy bird on a sunrise with nature as a background.

Happy with the result. Gave me some great lessons. The whole evening was admiring it.




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